Yoga at The Inn

Make Some Time For You! Join me at The Inn to share this authentic non-judgemental Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga.

Have you always wanted to try Yoga? Not sure if it’s for you?

Our setting is small and intimate and I would love to introduce you to this practice.

Already a Yogi?

Perfect! Let’s get together and have fun, push to our edge, explore and Do Yoga!

About Me

Personally, Yoga inspires and more importantly reminds me to live each moment, each day, more mindfully. This is a Practice—always a Practice.

Get in touch with me if you are interested in scheduling a time. I do not have any set classes—they are by request only. Even if you are just contemplating trying (you did click on this Yoga page for a reason!), email, text or call me (1-705-801-6601) and let me know. Let’s make this happen!

$18 / Class